Wine Glasses

Champagne Flute PK6 Champagne Flute PK6 $3.00 Buy Now
Shot Glasses (Plastic) PK24 Shot Glasses (Plastic) PK24 $3.00 Buy Now
Wine glass (A) PK6 Wine glass (A) PK6 $3.00 Buy Now
Wine glass (B) PK20 Wine glass (B) PK20 $10.80 Buy Now
Wine glass (C) PK20 Wine glass (C) PK20 $12.00 Buy Now
Portion Cups PK200 Portion Cups PK200 $20.00 Buy Now
Sampler/Sauce/Shot Cups PK120 Sampler/Sauce/Shot Cups PK120 $20.00 Buy Now

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1 x Serviettes CTN3000
1 x Quality Plastic Side Round Plates CTN500
1 x Foil Tray (Rectangular Deep, Large) CTN50
1 x Quality Oval Plastic Steak Plates L CTN500
1 x Quality Plastic Round Bowls CTN500
1 x Paper Interfold Hand Towels CTN4000
1 x Party Cups 7oz CTN2000
1 x Sho-Bowls 900ml/hinged dome lids PK150
1 x Foil Hangi/Takeaway Containers/Lids CTN500
1 x Paper Dinner Plates CTN2000
1 x Bio 9" Round Plates (Flat) CTN500
1 x Foil Trays (Rectangular Shallow, Medium) CTN72
1 x Budget Cups CTN1500
1 x Foil Trays (Rectangular Shallow, Small) CTN250
1 x Coffee Paper Cups without Lids (D) CTN1000
1 x Champagne Flutes 5oz CTN200
1 x Wine glass (B) CTN200
1 x Foam Cups (M) CTN1000
1 x Foil Hangi/Takeaway Containers/Lids PK125
1 x Foil Paper Bags PK250
1 x Catering Wrap 33cm*300m
1 x Foil Roll 90m (Supafoil)
1 x Catering Wrap (ChefWrap)
1 x Foil Roll 150m
1 x *Disposable Poly Gloves PK100
1 x Catering Wrap (Foodfirst)
1 x Oval Plastic Steak Plates XL (Premium) PK50
1 x Plastic Round 10" Plates PK50
1 x Plastic Round 10.25" Plates PK50
1 x Oval Plastic Steak Plates L PK50
1 x Glass Plates (A) PK6
1 x Quality Plastic Dinner Round Plates PK50
1 x Foam Rect Trays PK125
1 x Foam Cups
1 x Party Red Cups 16oz PK50
1 x Party Cups 7oz PK100
1 x Smoothie/Slush Straw PK150
1 x Coffee Paper Cups without Lids (D) PK50
1 x Quality Plastic Small Sporks PK250
1 x Big Serving Spoon
1 x Plastic Chinese Soup Spoons PK100
1 x Quality Plastic Sporks PK100
1 x Champagne Flute PK6
1 x Shot Glasses (Plastic) PK24
1 x Wine glass (B) PK20
1 x Wine glass (C) PK20
1 x Sampler/Sauce/Shot Cups PK120
1 x Portion Cups PK200
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